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Public Policy students visit the Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry

B.Com. first year public policy students visited the Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry to discuss the importance of policy for business. This provided students with the opportunity to understand the expectations of entrepreneurs and industry in relation to public policy. This seminar formed part of a tutorial for the study unit "Policy for Business" offered by the Department of Public Policy. The students were led by Ms Anne Marie Thake and Dr Marie-Louise Mangion, Resident Academics at the Department of Public Policy.

Mr Kevin J Borg, Director-General, addressed the group. Mr Borg explained the aims and role of the Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, as well as its structure and decision-making processes. He outlined the important players in public policy making and how the Chamber seeks to influence these players. He explained the need for an economic vision for Malta and the work the Chamber undertook to seek to influence and address this gap. He further emphasis ed the importance of implementation in the public policy process. The discussion highlighted how public policy sets the framework for investment, influencing the decisions taken by entrepreneurs, employees, consumers and many other players in the business world.



27 April 2015

MoU between the Faculty for the Built Environment and the Sustainable Energy and Water Conservation Unit of the Ministry for Energy and Health

The University of Malta is pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) it has entered into, through the Faculty for the Built Environment, with the Sustainable Energy and Water Conservation Unit (SEWCU) of the Ministry for Energy and Health. This MoU focuses on joint initiatives between the two entities in the field of water resources particularly in the establishment and promotion of:
  • strong links between academic research and the dissemination of knowledge for the purposes of enhancing professional training and practice in the water sector
  • strong links between public policy initiatives and their implementation
  • joint collaboration in EU and externally funded projects in the water sector
  • the provision of input into each other’s business, as related to water resources in its widest sense.
The Faculty for the Built Environment has long been involved in academic research and learning in respect of water resources as these interact with policies, plans, programmes and projects. This MoU will offer students the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge of the latest developments being undertaken by SEWCU, both locally and within a European context, whilst gaining access to a wider range of data that may contribute towards their own research. Moreover, it will also help government access the research undertaken within the Faculty as well as the resident knowledge therein, with a view towards contributing to its business of managing Malta’s water resources in a sustainable manner.

This MoU is in line with the Faculty’s ideology of fostering industry-academia links in order to anchor learning within a practical context.


24 April 2015

The Renaissance Society of America 61st Meeting

Two members of the academic staff of the University of Malta recently participated in the 61st Annual Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America, held at Humboldt University, Berlin between 26 and 28 March 2015.

Prof. Carmel Cassar Associate Professor of the Institute for Tourism, Travel and Culture, and Board member of the International Institute of Baroque Studies and Dr Theresa Vella, Visiting Lecturer with the International Institute of Baroque Studies, read papers in the course of two sessions dedicated to the theme of ‘Religion and Society in the Spanish Mediterranean’, and ‘Artists in Habits’, respectively, while Prof. Cassar also chaired another session. 

The papers presented by the speakers from the University of Malta were titled ‘The Jesuits and their missionary role in seventeenth-century Malta’, given by Prof. Carmel Cassar, and ‘Artists in convento: Caravaggio and Mattia Preti in Malta’, given by Dr Theresa Vella.


24 April 2015

Seminar on Sustainability in the Food Industry

A seminar on Sustainability in the Food Industry organised by the Cleaner Technology Centre together with the Department of Food Studies and Environmental Health of the University of Malta was held recently at the University Residence, Lija.   


The keynote speaker was Richard Marshall from Bath Spa University. Mr Marshall who was on an Erasmus + exchange visit delivered a presentation on Challenges and Opportunities for Efficiency Gains in the Food Industry. Other presentations dealt with Food Waste, Legislation Updates, Historical Review of Food Choice and Production in Malta, Professional Responsibility and Sustainability in the Food Industry.  

The seminar was well attended by Applied Food and Nutritional Sciences students, academics and representatives from the Disease and Health Promotion Directorate, Environmental Health Directorate, people from industry and other interested parties. 



23 April 2015

Book Presentation: Atlante Linguistico della Sicilia

On Thursday 16 April Professor Giovanni Ruffino, Director of the Atlante Linguistico della Sicilia, and Director of the Centro Studi Filologici e Linguistici Siciliani of the University of Palermo presented Mr Kevin J. Ellul, Administrative Director of the University Library, with the whole series of publications of the ALS. The aim of the Atlante Linguistico della Sicilia is to preserve the linguistic heritage pertaining to the most representative aspects of traditional life in Sicily and present them in the form of maps, where the dialectal terms are shown next to the points of inquiry where the relative questionnaires have been filled by selected informants. Professor Joseph M Brincat, who is a member of the CSFLS, and Professor Joe Friggieri, Pro-Rector were present.


The forty volumes that are now accessible at the University Library cover theoretical and methodological aspects as well as linguistic analysis concerning activities like types of food, Easter bread and sweet pastries (like figolli), ritual sweets (like our għadam tal-mejtin), children's games (like spinning tops and our passju), nicknames, birds' names, boats' names, and the terminologies of fishermen, sulphur miners, shepherds and limekiln workers. The books are of a very high technical standard, and will be a veritable goldmine for comparative lexical studies in the Maltese language.


Professor Ruffino was in Malta for the launching of the volume L'inchiesta marinara a Malta, together with Dr Elena D'Avenia, co-editor with Professor Joseph M Brincat, of the Maltese replies to the questionnaire given by Nazzarenu Cuschieri, a retired full time fisherman from St Julians, who was also present for the book launch at the Italian Cultural Institute.


21 April 2015

Dissertation Presentations by University of Malta’s Faculty for the Built Environment Graduates

Four recent Bachelor of Engineering and Architecture graduates had the opportunity to present their final year dissertation to a large audience of professional architects and civil engineers, University of Malta students, as well as the general public. The annual event recognises the significant effort of students in their dissertation research work. 

The Faculty for the Built Environment’s Dissertation Awards event was organised by the Malta Group of Professional Engineering Institutions (MGPEI) representing the Institution of Civil Engineers (UK) in Malta, in collaboration with the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) Student Chapter at the University of Malta. 

The event started with a brief overview of the functions of the MGPEI and the Institution of Civil Engineers by the ICE Malta Representative Dr Ruben Paul Borg, followed by a presentation by the ICE Student Chapter Committee, highlighting the main aims of the newly founded student organisation at the University of Malta.

After a review of various dissertations by an independent jury, the presentations selected for this year’s event, were the following: Reducing the Impact of Agriculture on Water Resources - Rowena Gauci; Restoration of Historic Concrete - James Dingli; Comparative Structural Assessment of the Flexural Resistance of Glue Laminated Timber Beams and Natural Solid Timber Beams - Ann Marie Ellul; Shear Characteristics across Simulated Discontinuities in the Local Globigerina Limestone - Andrew Farrugia

The winning Dissertation was judged to be that by Mr Andrew Farrugia, with MsRowena Gauci as runner up. The dissertation presentations were very well received by the audience present. Several questions were put forward to the finalists which opened up an interesting discussion on the themes presented in the field of civil engineering. 


MGPEI – ICE Dissertation Presentations by Graduates at the Faculty for the Built Environment, University of Malta.


21 April 2015

Scholarship for Ph.D. (Research) Student Breast Cancer Project 2015-2018 (Deadline: 30 Apr.)



17 April 2015

Foundation Studies Programme Students Make Donation to Puttinu Cares Foundation


A cheque for €620 was presented to the Puttinu Cares Foundation at a brief ceremony in one of the lecture halls at the University of Malta.  The cheque was received by Mr Andrew Decelis, representing the Puttinu Cares Foundation, on Wednesday 15 April.

Mr Decelis thanked the students for their generosity and commitment.  He explained briefly the role that the Puttinu Cares Foundation plays, and said that the students’ donation was a wonderful gesture of solidarity.  


The money was collected by the students on the University of Malta’s Foundation Studies Programme for 2014-15 to commemorate AIDS Awareness Day on 1 December 2014. The students and their tutors organised a walk around the university campus during which they carried posters about AIDS Awareness as well as distributed pamphlets highlighting the problems with AIDS. It had also been decided that part of the activity would include fund-raising for a charitable cause, and thus the students had also prepared cakes and other sweets which were sold to other students on campus.  It was later decided that the money would be donated to the Puttinu Cares Foundation.

The students following the Foundation Studies Programme at the University of Malta are following a one-year bridging course which prepares them for enrolment for an undergraduate course.  They come from several countries:  Costa Rica, Greece, Oman, Kuwait, Latvia, Libya, Lithuania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Ukraine.




16 April 2015

University Wind Ensemble Performing in Trapani

On Thursday 30 April, the University Wind Ensemble will be giving a concert at the Conservatorio di Musica Antonio Scontrino in Trapani. This concert was made possible thanks to the strong relationships between the Music Studies Department of the University of Malta and the Conservatorio.   


The University Wind Ensemble, which is affiliated to Degreeplus, will be composed of 25 musicians and Dr Philip Ciantar as its Musical Director. The Ensemble brings together students from different Faculties and Institutes within the University and, therefore, it benefits from an array of diverse mindsets and proficiencies. In Trapani, the students will be given the opportunity to perform in a professional set-up and display their musical abilities. They will also have the chance of learning such skills as collaborating effectively in a group, enhancing bonding with peers, and focusing their full attention for a short period of time on a process that will eventually lead to their performance. 

Preparations for this event have been ongoing since last February. The repertoire for this concert consists of classical, semi-classical and jazz pieces. Young musicians Kristian Schembri, Noel Curmi, and Christian Gauci will feature as soloists  The Ensemble will also perform Dr Ciantar’s three-movement suite Għar Dalam which composition was performed extensively both locally and abroad, most recently in the United States by the Valparaiso Community University Concert Band. This is the Ensemble’s second consecutive concert in Sicily following last year’s successful performance in Noto.


15 April 2015

ARVI COST action launched in Malta

Twenty-six participants from eighteen countries have taken part in the first meeting of IC1402 Runtime Verification beyond Monitoring (ARVI) which was recently concluded with success at the University of Malta Valletta Campus. The meeting was organised by the Maltese representatives for this COST action: Dr Christian Colombo and Prof Gordon Pace from the Faculty of ICT, with the indispensable help of the University of Malta Conference Unit. 


COST is an EU initiative to facilitate networking amongst researchers, engineers and scholars from different member states, encouraging regular meetings and collaboration. The ARVI COST action is dedicated to the area of runtime verification - a set of techniques aimed at monitoring software to ensure that observed software actions conform to the expected behaviour. Such checks are highly useful in security critical systems such as financial systems where a small error might result in huge losses. The action is organised into four working groups: The first focuses on the core aspects of runtime verification, particularly by identifying open challenges in the area. The second focuses on the tool support for runtime verification, particularly by consolidating existing tools and striving towards their interoperability. The third group aims at exploring the interactions of runtime verification with other crosscutting research areas such as distributed computing, static and dynamic verification, software testing, etc. The fourth group is tasked with exporting runtime verification techniques to industry while at the same time drawing inspiration from industrial case studies to evaluate and improve the available tools and techniques.

The meeting provided each working group with a half day of discussion and planning, with the results to be uploaded to the action website, here. The participants also had the chance to engage with two industrial companies who presented at the meeting: SDL/Fredhopper represented by Stijn de Gouw and Ixaris represented by Aldrin Seychell, Andrew Gauci, Luke Camilleri, and Brian Vella.


16 April 2015

Opening of Wellbeing Centre at University House

Following an initiative by the University of Malta’s Gender Issues Committee (GIC) and in collaboration with the University Student Council (KSU) and with the Malta Medical Students Association (MMSA), a Wellbeing Centre has been opened at University House. 

Over the years, the GIC has received many requests for a room on campus that would provide a focal point for wellbeing whilst providing an amenity equipped with the necessary facilities for breast-feeding and nappy-changing.

Services include a fridge, microwave oven, a nappy-changing table as well as a separate shower room which can also be used by those who cycle to campus. Information about access to the Wellbeing Centre can be had from the KSU Office at University House.

Opening of Wellbeing Centre
left to right: Prof. Emmanuel Sinagra, GIC member, Mr Gayle Lynn Callus, KSU President  and Prof. M.T. Camilleri Podestà, Chairperson of GIC

Opening of Wellbeing Centre

Opening of Wellbeing Centre


13 April 2015

Understanding the Mediterranean


‘Mediterranean Sea: the almost landlocked sea separating southern Europe from Africa, connected with the Atlantic Ocean by the Strait of Gibraltar, with the Black Sea by the Bosporus, and (since 1869) with the Red Sea by the Suez Canal.’ (Oxford English Dictionary) How satisfactory is this surgical definition of the Mediterranean? The Mediterranean was and continues to be at the heart of a variety of crossways, including those of the imagination. How can one go about understanding these crossways? 

The taught Master of Arts in Mediterranean Studies of the Faculty of Arts will be opening again in October 2015. The accent in this MA is on the thematic: the importance of phenomena like migration, urbanisation, isolation, connectivity, the human and the physical elements, the arts and so on, will be explored. This M.A. is intended for students with a flair for challenging learning experiences; in turn, this lends itself to those seeking careers in European Union and foreign affairs, businesses, NGOs and enterprises with a Mediterranean focus and so on. Students will also be able to pursue doctoral study. Are you ready to dive in?

The Alfred Mizzi Foundation will be awarding a bursary of €1,000 to one student enrolled in the M.A. in Mediterranean Studies. This will be awarded on the basis of an essay competition.

Click here for the latest details, follow the M.A. in Mediterranean Studies on Facebook, or email Dr Emanuel Buttigieg.


13 April 2015

TAKEOFF Turns One Year

  • 18 start-ups have together raised over Eur 500,000 in investments
The TAKEOFF Business Incubator at the University of Malta celebrated its first year since opening its doors to start-ups, assisting them in developing their business ideas and making them market-ready. Today, the facility boasts 18 start-ups at various stages who together have raised over Eur 500,000 in investments.

TAKEOFF offers co-working spaces, private offices, social spaces and meeting rooms, and provides guidance through its expert staff, business development support, networking opportunities, mentoring, access to financing, training and promotion. This enables entrepreneurs at the incubator to create, package, market, manage, fund and develop their idea into a successful business.

“Our aim is to support TAKEOFF’s members in getting their first investors or customers, and to seeing them on their way to creating successful ventures,” said Andy Linnas, manager at TAKEOFF Business Incubator.

“The celebration was an opportunity to thank all our supporters, partners and service providers, who have been instrumental in helping us through our 1st year,” added Dr Ing. Anton Bartolo, Director, Corporate Research and Knowledge Transfer.

The event was attended by University of Malta Rector, Prof. Juanito Camilleri, as well as mentors, investors, sponsors, partners, incubatees and members of the Start-up Community in Malta. Thought3D and Mighty Box Games, two of the start-ups at TAKEOFF, gave presentations of their projects to date.

TAKEOFF Birthday
left to right: Dr Ing. Anton Bartolo, Director Corporate Research & Knowledge Transfer UoM, Prof. Juanito Camilleri Rector UoM; Dr Ing. Saviour Zammit, Director Centre for Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation UoM, Andy Linnas, Business Manager TAKEOFF, J.J. Miceli Demajo mentor at TAKEOFF, other stakeholders including mentors and staff

TAKEOFF Birthday
left to right: Dr Ing. Anton Bartolo, Director Corporate Research & Knowledge Transfer UoM, Prof. Juanito Camilleri Rector UoM; Dr Ing. Saviour Zammit, Director Centre for Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation UoM, Andy Linnas, Business Manager TAKEOFF, J.J. Miceli Demajo mentor at Takeoff

TAKEOFF Birthday

The TAKEOFF Business Incubator at the University of Malta, helps technology and knowledge-based start-ups transform their ideas into investor-ready and market-ready businesses. The team of industry veterans nurtures entrepreneurs through executing market research and protecting their idea, helps with business plan development and pitching to investors, as well as packaging the idea to target prospective users and customers, locally and internationally. Entrepreneurs who become members of TAKEOFF benefit from low rates for co-working space and access to a support network of mentors, investors and service providers. To find out more, visit or contact


10 April 2015


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