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New Master Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Culture

The University of Malta, in collaboration with the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is offering a new course leading to a Master Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Culture. This course will enable qualified medical practitioners and health-care professionals in the fields of nursing, midwifery and physiotherapy to understand the essential theory of Chinese medicine, to be familiar with the knowledge and techniques of acupuncture, and to safely manage common appropriate conditions through the use of acupuncture. 

During the one-year course, teaching in the speciality is imparted from multidisciplinary, individual and population-based perspectives. Topics include: An outline of Chinese Culture, Basic theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Diagnostics in Chinese Medicine, Channels and Acupoints, Needling and Moxibustion Techniques, Acupuncture and Moxibustion Therapy, Experimental Acupuncture and Moxibustion and Traditional Medicine and Culture.

The course will facilitate learning within a structured framework and on completion participants should be able to integrate Traditional Chinese Medicine as a form of therapy to complement modern Western clinical practice, or as a subject for scientific research within their clinical work or speciality.

For more information one may click here or send an email to:

Applications are open and will be received until Wednesday, 30 September 2015.  One may apply online here.

A number of scholarships may be available for this course.


29 July 2015

Georisks in the Mediterranean and their Mitigation

'Georisks in the Mediterranean and their mitigation' was the theme of a two-day international conference hosted by the University of Malta on between 20 and 21 July at the University of Malta, Valletta Campus.

Close to a hundred participants from 14 countries in Europe and North Africa came together to present their recent research and discuss a range of natural hazards, vulnerability and risk mitigation measures in, and beyond, the Mediterranean.

The first day of the meeting was dedicated to the geology and geophysics of the Central Mediterranean, and the evaluation of hazard from earthquake, landslide and tsunami events, with a keynote presentation by Dr Damiano Pesaresi from OGS, Trieste about Regional seismic networks and Earthquake Early Warning systems. The second day focussed on the seismic vulnerability and risk assessment of buildings, urban areas and built heritage, as well as civil protection issues.

A keynote presentation was delivered by Prof. Andreas Kappos, of City University London, about  fragility curves of masonry buildings. The whole conference was characterised by an interdisciplinary nature and the recognition that the understanding of, and damage mitigation from, such events must necessarily rely on the close collaboration of the various disciplines.

The conference was an activity of the project SIMIT (Integrated Civil Protection System for the Italo-Maltese Cross-Border Area), a €2.5 million Strategic Project funded by the Italia-Malta 2007-2013 Operational Programme. It is led by the Regional Civil Protection Department of Sicily, while the other partners are the Universities of Palermo and Catania, the Civil Protection Department of Malta and the University of Malta. SIMIT is working towards the establishment of an integrated system which will facilitate the evaluation, forecasting, prevention and mitigation of losses from geological hazards affecting the Sicily Channel. This is being done through a virtual common operations room, comprising efficient networking  and  a dedicated portal for rapid exchange of information. It will also concentrate on the dissemination of a culture of risk awareness and emergency management procedures.

The University of Malta is participating through the Department of Geosciences in the Faculty of Science and the Departments of Civil and Structural Engineering and of Construction and Property Management, Faculty of the Built Environment.  

The conference was sponsored by JCR  Imports Ltd, Solidbase Laboratory Ltd, Terracore,, Mistral Service S.a.s. Publishers Messina, and was under the patronage of the Italian Embassy and Italian Cultural Institute Malta.

The proceedings of the conference were published in a dedicated book, which is also available online.


Speakers at the opening session: left to right: Ing. Maurizio Costa, Prof. Alex Torpiano, Dott. Salvatore Schirmo, Prof. C.V.Sammut, Dr Pauline Galea

Dr Damiano Pesaresi delivering his keynote lecture


27 July 2015

Award of the Alistair David Robert Chalmers Bursary Award


Twenty-year old Gabriella Farrugia from Rabat is this year’s recipient of the Alistair David Robert Chalmers (ADRC) Bursary, which will permit her to spend time in Spain this summer furthering her knowledge of the language and culture of Spain at the University of Salamanca and Barcelona. Ms Farrugia has just obtained a First Class degree in Spanish & Latin American Studies from the University of Malta.

The ADRC Trust was founded in 2013 by members of the Chalmers family, in memory of their late son and brother Alistair, whose many interests included Hispanic Studies, especially Latin America, where he travelled extensively and did voluntary work. The Alistair Chalmers Bursary is a scholarship awarded annually to the top undergraduate student from the University’s Department of Spanish and Latin American Studies.

Present at the award ceremony were Gabriella's parents, Mr John and Mrs Vincenza Farrugia; Mr Roderick and Mrs Mary Rose Chalmers for the ADRC Trust; and the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Professor Dominic Fenech and Ms Alessia Cilia-Portelli, Mr Francisco Ibañez, Ms Antoinette Zammit-Bugeja, Ms Anita Zerafa and Professor Carmel Vassallo for the University of Malta.   


22 July 2015


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