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Routledge Book on Hegemony and Neoliberalism in Education

petermayobookcoverRoutledge have just published Hegemony and Education under Neoliberalism Insights from Gramsci by Professor Peter Mayo from the Department of Education Studies, Faculty of Education, University of Malta. The book contains ten chapters, a subject and name index and a comprehensive reference list. Professor Joseph Buttigieg of Notre Dame University, Indiana wrote the Preface.

Details about the book can be found here

This is the second of three books by Peter Mayo which Routledge has published or is about to publish. In 2010 Routledge published his edited volume Education in Small States and later this year it will publish the International Critical Pedagogy Reader which Professor Mayo co-edited with Professor Antonia Darder and Professor Joao Paraskeva.

Professor Mayo has published over twenty volumes mainly with international publishing houses such as Routledge, Wiley-Blackwell, Praeger, Bloomsbury, Zed Books, Zero Books, Argument Verlag, Paradigm, ArtMed Editora (Porto Alegre), Carlo Delfino, Dipnot (Ankara), Rowman & Littlefield, Sense and Peter Lang

A ‘sneak preview’ of the volume can be found here.


25 March 2015

Ancient Wisdom: Lessons of Life for the 21st Century

Comenius Project 2013 – 2015 

Ancient Wisdom: Lessons of Life for the 21st Century, a Comenius Project 2013 – 2015, aimed to give students the opportunity to explore the history of different countries and enable them to reflect on local legends, traditions and other cultural heritage. Students were encouraged to examine past and present trends in order to help them appreciate their own as well as others’ cultural heritage through the use of art, performance and technology. The successful collaboration brought together the European countries to share and appreciate their differences and similarities.  

The final Ancient Wisdom Project Meeting was held in Malta recently. Students from Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom showcased their final performances for an audience at the Junior College. The Maltese performance was built upon the Maltese Legend of ‘Il – Maqluba’. 





26 March 2015

StartUp at University of Malta’s TAKEOFF Business Incubator offers 3D printed models

THOUGHT3D launches affordable Scan and 3D Affordable Scan and 3D Print Service 


Thought3D, the 3D printer and printing startup, based at the University of Malta’s TAKEOFF Business Incubator, has launched its 3D printing service just months after its inception.

The service offers individuals and companies the opportunity to create a one-off item to use perhaps as a unique gift, or as a prototype, for an art project, a  book or album cover, for as little as €60.

'We have created our own printer and have a handheld scanner which enables us to scan almost any item,' said Keith M. Azzopardi, co-founder, Thought3D. 'You can scan your baby, your pet, your favourite ornament or even room and make a scale model of it.'

'The technology allows us to offer this service to create spare parts for toys, original jewellery, props for theatre and film as well as marketing and advertising agencies,' added Edward Borg, 'A number of sizes and colours are available, the only limitation is your imagination.'

About Thought 3D

The start-up, Thought3D, located at the University of Malta’s TAKEOFF business incubation centre, focuses heavily on product development in the 3D printing industry. 

Thought3D has recently launched its services branch and is quickly becoming Malta’s 3D printing hub, offering 3D scanning and printing services as well as resale of various 3D printing items. 

Thought3D is also developing its own 3D printer which aims to tackle the major limitations in current 3D printing equipment, coupled with other ancillary products. One such ancillary product is a paste to be applied on the printing surface making prints adhere firmly, significantly reducing the chance of ruined/failed prints. The paste then releases once the print is completed and the bed has cooled down. The paste which has been developed will be the first to be optimized for the two main types of filaments/plastics used in FFF printing (the most common type of 3D printing).

The TAKEOFF business incubator at the University of Malta, helps technology and knowledge-based startups transform their ideas into investor-ready and market-ready businesses. The team of industry veterans nurtures entrepreneurs through executing market research and protecting their idea, helps with business plan development and pitching to investors, as well as packaging the idea to target prospective users and customers, locally and internationally. Incubatees become members of TAKEOFF and benefit from low rates for co-working space and access to a network of mentors etc. TAKEOFF offers a variety of methods for equity including the option of a low percentage which can be converted to shares or a fixed fee, once funding is raised. To find out more, visit or contact


25 March 2015

Pharmaceutical Technology Students benefit from Collaboration Agreement

University of Malta Pharmaceutical Technology Students benefitting from collaboration agreement 
broadening skills in the manufacture and testing of sterile medicinal products

The University of Malta has signed a collaborative agreement with the Italian company CTP Tecnologie di Processo to support the department of pharmacy in the area of pharmaceutical technology. Through this agreement CTP is organising highly specific courses focusing on practical examples and hands on experience of Good Manufacturing Processes that are required in the manufacture, testing and distribution of medicines in Europe.  The agreement also provides the opportunity for students following the course leading to a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Pharmaceutical Technology to take up 3 month placements at CTP in Italy where they are exposed to system development for major pharmaceutical industries in Europe. 

CTP Tecnologie di Processo was founded in 1990 and has attained an important role in the pharmaceutical, chemical and healthcare fields in Italy and also in Europe. The company, employing about 170 scientists with high and diverse professional profiles, has a mission to ensure strict compliance with quality requirements established by FDA and European regulators, focusing on the needs of development and marketing of medicines and generics drugs for the European market.

The first activity undertaken within this agreement was the course on Good Manufacturing Processes Requirements for Manufacture of Sterile Products. The course is spread over four intensive days and the first two days have been carried out in February while the last two sessions will take place in April.  Students following the course leading to the degree of Pharmaceutical Technology and postgraduate students at the Department of Pharmacy are following the course.  Professionals from the local pharmaceutical industry and the Medicines Authority were also invited to participate. The area of manufacture of sterile pharmaceutical products requires special focus and is an area that is expected to develop in the local pharmaceutical industry.

Course tutors from CTP were Dr Simone Villani, Dr Giuseppe Ruggirello and Dr Aniello Salerno.  The opening session of the course was addressed by the Hon. Mr Chris Fearne, Parliamentary Secretary for Health.

Pharmaceutical Technology Students benefit from collaboration agreement 
Giuseppe Ruggirello, from CTP addressing the participants

Pharmaceutical Technology Students benefit from collaboration agreement  Participants at the opening session of the course


25 March 2015

Evening Course in Chinese (starting 21 Apr.)

The Confucius Institute at the University of Malta will be offering an eight-week evening course in basic Chinese language and culture for the general public.

The course will run every Tuesday starting on 21 April 2015 and ending on 9 June 2015.  Each session begins at 1830hrs and ends at 2000hrs. The tuition fee is €100 for the general public, and €50 for students.

This course will run only if there is a reasonable number of applicants.

For more information, please contact Ms Jacqueline Theuma on 2340 3407.


24 March 2015

Visit by Minister Brincat to the ACCOBAMS Training Course in Cetacean Conservation

The Hon. Leo Brincat, Minister for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change, visited the week-long intensive training course in Cetacean Conservation currently being hosted at the University of Malta. The course is organised by the Monaco-based Secretariat of ACCOBAMS (Agreement on the Conservation of Cetaceans in the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea and contiguous Atlantic area – to which Malta is signatory).

The University is accrediting the course as a Unit within its Programme in the Liberal Arts and Sciences. This is the first time that the module is being offered at an English-speaking university.

The University’s Centre for the Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) and the ACCOBAMS Secretariat coordinated the logistics and administration of the course, which is being attended by over thirty participants.

left to right: Dr Jean-Paul De Lucca (CLAS), Ms Camille Montiglio (Communications Officer, ACCOBAMS Secretariat), Ms Maylis Salivas (Scientific Officer, ACCOBAMS Secretariat) and the Hon. Leo Brincat.


23 March 2015

University Tourism Students at ITB, Berlin

A group of twenty-six students from the University of Malta’s Institute for Tourism, Travel and Culture visited ITB, the world travel and tourism fair in Berlin, earlier this month.

They also participated in the World Travel and Tourism Congress held in parallel with the fair. During their visit, the students were hosted by the ambassador for Malta to Germany, H.E. Albert Friggieri, and the Minister for Tourism.

The group was accompanied by their lecturer Mr Alfred Quintano.



17 March 2015

Baroque Routes Newsletter Issue 10 - 2014/15

The International Institute for Baroque Studies at the University of Malta hasbaroqueroutes2015 published the tenth issue of its annual newsletter. 

This issue features an article by Dr Stephen C. Spiteri on ‘Scale Models and the Coastal Fortifications of Malta’. Military engineers studied the landscape in order to make best use of the natural features of the surrounding area. From the 16th century onwards, they carried out meticulous scientific surveying and created detailed maps and plans. An important tool was the scale model, the modello or plan relief constructed of wood, wax or stone, which was used as a visual aid.

Professor Denis De Lucca, director of the Institute, writes about the cuisine of the Baroque age, with its impressive spectacles of food presentations and dining scenarios, which became a daily routine in the palatial homes of Europe’s aristocracy. 

Dr Petra Caruana Dingli reviews a book by Prof. Frans Ciappara on the social and religious history of Qrendi in the 18th century, which explores the cultural world of this village and examines details of its inhabitants, their social and religious practices, family relationships, and the topographical setting in which they lived.

The newsletter also contains information on various activities organised by the Institute, including the second issue of the Journal for Baroque Studies, the Institute’s programme of public lectures, a post-graduate seminar on life, society and culture in the Baroque age, recent publications and an international conference on Baroque military architecture to be held in October 2015.

The International Institute for Baroque Studies is at present engaged in various research / publication activities and is also running Diploma and Master courses about the Baroque age. The next MA in Baroque Studies course is due to start in October 2015 and offers a revised programme of studies targeted at presenting a holistic view of the multi-faceted aspects of Baroque Europe with special reference to Malta.

The newsletter is available online here, or by contacting Mr Andre Debattista.


16 March 2015

University of Malta Offers Short Course in Marine Biology

The University of Malta’s Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, is offering a short course in Marine Biology, titled ‘Topics in Marine Biology’, which will be held between 25 March and 20 May 2015. This two ‘ECTS’ credits course follows ‘An Introduction to Marine Biology’, which has been held annually since 2012 and turned out to be a large success. 

Lectures will be held on Wednesdays between 1800-2000hrs, while practical sessions (2) will be held on Saturdays from 0900-1300hrs. One of the practical sessions will be made offshore using a vessel and will involve collection of data and demonstrations on the use of remote sampling gear used in marine biological studies. 

Topics in Marine Biology covers areas such as: physical and biological aspects of the marine environment, changing patterns of species in the Mediterranean, marine vegetation, human influence on the marine environment, fisheries biology, aquaculture and marine conservation biology. The course is open to candidates who have successfully completed the course ‘An Introduction to Marine Biology’ or to those who hold a certificate in intermediate biology or equivalent.

For further information please contact: Ms Michaela Stivala, Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, University of Malta, on telephone number: 23402272.





11 March 2015

TAKEOFF helps innovators and entrepreneurs get their ideas off the ground

TAKEOFF, the University of Malta’s business incubator, took part in the KSU Careers Convention this year. The message to students was that entrepreneurship is a challenging and rewarding alternative to employment for those with a good idea and a strong will to succeed. 

TAKEOFF directs the fundamental part of its efforts to support new ventures at the incubator and to champion innovation and entrepreneurship on the island. Located in the heart of campus, TAKEOFF supports enterprising teams start up and grow innovation-driven companies. Entrepreneurs, professionals, graduates, students, University staff and anybody with an innovative idea and the drive to develop it into a successful company are welcome. 

Ready for TAKEOFF? 

To be eligible for TAKEOFF membership, you are: 

  • An aspiring technology entrepreneur (or team) – not yet incorporated; or
  • An incorporated startup company (less than two years old); or
  • A university spinout company.

You possess: 

  • Idea(s), intellectual property, technology, or a knowledge-based innovation that holds potential    for a business venture
  • Motivation to invest time and energy into company creation
  • Lack of resources to develop the venture outside of the incubator
  • Willingness to learn and adapt to startup challenges

View news coverage of TAKEOFF at the Convention, below [MT]: 


10 March 2015

New M.A. in Theatre & Performance (C21 Studies & Perspectives)

The Department of Theatre Studies is pleased to announce an exciting addition to its portfolio of programmes: an innovative and cutting-edge taught M.A. programme in twenty-first-century studies in theatre and performance (starts October 2015).

The programme focuses on three principal areas:
  • the challenges and evolving strategies of historiography
  • the development of theoretical and philosophical approaches in the light of changing human conditions
  • the nature and breadth of contemporary performance practices.
The M.A. includes sessions by international experts (scholars and/or practitioners), as well as scope for practical research, tailor-made to the students’ interests.

The programme is aimed at students who want to pursue a taught postgraduate degree in Theatre Studies, Performance Studies, or the Performing Arts, as well as at graduates of language, literature, or philosophy with an interest in drama, theatre, performance, and/or contemporary theory. The course is particularly suited for students interested in pursuing research at the forefront of the performing arts and the humanities.

Details about content, programme of study, duration, fees, and entry requirements, can be found on the M.A. information sheet or by sending an email to the Department of Theatre Studies at

The M.A. falls within the eligibility criteria of the Malta Arts Scholarship Scheme (deadline: 27 March 2015). The scheme includes the option of following programmes of study on a part-time basis. Click here for details about the Malta Arts Scholarship Scheme 

For information about other postgraduate programmes offered by the Department, click here.

M.A. Theatre & Performance
poster photos by Jeremy de Maria
poster design by Jean Claude Vancell, Communications & Alumni Relations Office, University of Malta


09 March 2015

Scholarships for M.Sc. in Applied Oceanography (Deadline: 15 Apr.)

In October 2015, the Physical Oceanography Unit at the University of Malta will be again offering a Master course in Applied Oceanography. This will be open to both local and foreign students with a post-graduate degree. An international faculty of experts will be participating in delivering the course. 

Scholarships to attend this course are also available for foreign students with high academic records relevant to the course. 

Application deadlines for scholarships: 15 April 2015

Further information about the course can be found here

Click here to learn more about the scholarships offered.



12 February 2015

Short Course on Photoshop for Photography (13-28 Apr.)

The Department of Digital Arts, within the Faculty of Media and Knowledge Sciences (MaKS), is offering a short course entitled Photoshop for Photography. The course will be held between the 13 and 28 April 2015 in Room 101, MaKS Building. Lectures commence at 1800hrs for duration of 2 hours.

The course is open to the general public and covers the following topics: 
  • Image properties, the camera sensor and working with Raw and jpeg images.
  • The histogram – what it means and how to understand it
  • The concept and workflow of digital processing
  • Basic Photoshop tools
  • Working with Layers
  • Working with masks and layer selections
  • Curves
  • Dodging and Burning
  • Painting with masks
  • Blending modes
  • The luminosity channel
  • Black and white processing
  • Printing calibration and technology
For further information contact Mr Elton Mamo on +356 2340 2417 or send an email.

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30 January 2015

Courses at Malta University Consulting

Malta University Consulting (MUC) Ltd at the Malta University Holding Company (MUHC) is offering the following courses:
Conflict Management
This workshop will be held on 7 April 2015 from 1500hrs to 1900hrs. During the workshop the notion of conflict will be defined and analysed, which conflict management skills to best adopt and the skills to overcome a deadlock, how to diffuse conflict and find acceptable solutions and the dispute resolution methods will be dealt with.
Click here for more details.

Lectures will be held from 23 February to 13 April, 2015 from 1715hrs to 2015hrs at the Malta University Residence in Lija. This course seeks into providing an insight to the emerging field of Neuromarketing research techniques. Prospective students will be given an insight of how the brain works and how it demonstrates the current state of the being. Moreover, ethical considerations, tools, good practices and skills for neuromarket research will be covered.
Click here for more details.

Mediation: learn the whole mediation process
This course which will be held from 13 to 17 April 2105, provides participants with an introduction to the tools necessary for the conflict management and dispute resolution process in different areas of application. The course introduces the participants to basic theoretical and methodological skills.
Click here for more details.

The Art of Public Speaking
This 20-hour course scheduled to start on Monday 5 October till Monday 30 November 2015 will be held between 1730hrs and 2000hrs. 
Click here for details.

For further information call on +356 2124 0746/ +356 9982 9244 or send an email.


30 January 2015


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